The Harry and Martha Cohen Award

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Since 1984, Alberta Theatre Projects has been proud to partner with the Cohen family to present The Harry and Martha Cohen Award for significant and sustained contribution to theatre in Calgary.

Do you know someone who is an inspiration in our theatre community in Calgary?

Is there someone who continually inspires you?  Does this person set the bar in terms of their passion and commitment to Calgary theatre community?

This person may be a leader onstage, offstage or backstage; an actor, director, playwright, designer, administrator, philanthropist, dramaturg, manager, teacher, technician or volunteer.

Want to show your appreciation? 

The recipient will be honoured at an award ceremony in the Martha Cohen Theatre following the closing performance of The New Canadian Curling Club (March 23, 2019). At that ceremony the recipient will receive a cash prize of $1500 and a framed certificate. Additionally, the recipient’s name will be added to the list of our past honourees and inscribed on a scroll that hangs in our lobby in Martha’s Corner.

2019 Nominations

2019 Harry & Martha Cohen Awards Call for Nominations

  • Nomination form must include a 250-400 word statement about the person’s contributions to be considered
  • Please outline the reason for the nomination and make direct reference to how the nominee has made a significant and sustained contribution to theatre in Calgary

Nominations must also include:

  • The nominee’s résumé
  • 2 letters of support
  • Any other documentation useful in assessing the qualifications of the nominee

Submission Guidelines:

  • Please limit submissions to 8 pages maximum
  • All nominations remain eligible for two years
  • Applications will not be returned
  • Only the chosen recipient will be contacted. Please, no phone calls.
  • The nominator and seconder of the 2019 recipient will be invited to attend both the March 23rd production of The New Canadian Curling Club and the award ceremony that follows.

The nominations will be reviewed by an anonymous, independent jury comprised of members of of the theatre community from a variety of backgrounds.

Thank you for taking the time to help us celebrate extraordinary leaders in our community and for your continued support of theatre in Calgary!  We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information please contact Kodie Rollan, Development Coordinator at 403-294-7475 ext. 1904 or

2018 Recipient, Christopher Hunt

Christopher Hunt is the recipient of the 2018 Harry & Martha Cohen Award for his sustained and significant contribution to theatre in Calgary. Christopher is a prolific, award-winning actor whose career spans over twenty roles in ATP productions alone.

“An extraordinary actor, mentor, teacher, dramaturg; but equally importantly, a kind and humble man. The Calgary theatre community is blessed to have Chris in our midst.” – Kathryn Kerbes

Thank you, Chris, for your dedication and talent! You’ve truly changed the face of theatre in Calgary!

Check out the Spotlight on Christopher Hunt on our blog!

Photo by Jeff Yee

2017 Recipient, Carol Dann

Carol Dann is simply one of the best supporters an arts organization could ask for, and we’re delighted to be one of the many theatre companies in Calgary she so generously supports with her time. The health and vibrancy of our city’s arts scene depends on the dedication and tireless effort of volunteers like Carol. From the bottom of our hearts: thank you Carol! We couldn’t do it without you!

Photo by Jeff Yee

Harry & Martha Cohen Award recipients, April 21, 2018 | Photo by Jeff Yee


All Previous Recipients:

1986   Betty Gibb
1987   Grant Reddick
1988   Margaret Bard and Bartley Bard
1989   Joyce Doolittle
1990   Georgie Collins
1991   Blake Brooker and Michael Green
1992   D. Michael Dobbin
1993   Marilyn Potts
1994   Fred Scott
1995   JoAnne James
1996   Duval Lang
1997   Gillian Dalton
1998   Hal Kerbes and Kathryn Kerbes
1999   Sharon Pollock
2000   David LeReaney
2001   Bob White
2002   Jock Osler
2003   John Murrell
2004   Valerie Ann Pearson
2005   Dianne Goodman
2006   Clarice Evans
2007   Lynn DuFort
2008   Stephen Hair
2009   Doug Curtis
2010   Patricia Benedict
2011   Celebration of Past Recipients
2012   Mark Bellamy
2013   Patti Pon
2014   Patricia Moore and Sherrold Moore
2015   Kevin McKendrick
2016   Terry Gunvordahl
2017   Carol Dann
2018   Christopher Hunt
2019   Denise Clarke