Accessible Performances

Tuesday Dec 11, 2018 11:30AM

For tickets or group bookings for this performance please contact Talore Peterson or 403-294-7475

The Visual Story for Zorro: Family Code will be available in early September.


American Sign Language Translated Performances

To provide an engaging experience of a show for deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing audiences, the show is simultaneous translated by an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter.

Audio Described Performances

For blind or visually impaired audience members a narrator will describe the visual elements of the performance in real-time as the action unfolds onstage during a show. This added description is relayed to guests through a pair of headphones.

Relaxed Performances

A relaxed performance is designed to welcome audience members who would benefit from a more relaxed environment in which to enjoy the show. It is developed to address the needs of guests with sensory concerns, autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, dementia, parents with small children, or anyone for whom the regular theatre experience can be challenging. This show is open to everyone.

Touch Tour

A touch tour is an opportunity for tactile guided exploration of the  set, props, and costumes from a show that gives visually impaired guests an added level of understanding and appreciation for the show being presented. The host will also provide a detailed description of the key design elements and a visual description of each of the characters in the play.

For more information about wheelchair accessible seating and other accessibility features in the Martha Cohen Theatre please click HERE or contact the Ticket Office at 403-294-7402.