Who We Are

Our aim at ATP is to make life more beautiful by creating and producing great contemporary theatre from Canada and beyond.

Our work is about what’s now, what’s new, and what’s next.

In the welcoming oval of the Martha Cohen Theatre, right here in Calgary, we stretch as deep as life, as wide as the world.

Vanessa Porteous
Artistic Director

ATP’s Mission, Vision and Values


A world where minds and hearts are opened through the life-changing experience of theatre.


We create community by producing relevant, high quality contemporary theatre; by playing a national leadership role in the development and creation of new Canadian plays; and by bringing audience and artists together in an exchange around the work.


Honesty – Our work on stage and as an organization is characterized by honesty. We are trustworthy, truthful and sincere in our dealings. Our plays speak frankly about the world we live in.

Curiosity – ATP adopts an open, inquiring attitude towards the world. We are driven by a sense of discovery. The work on our stage can be challenging, innovative, thought provoking, and courageous.

Quality – We offer a high quality experience for our audience. We exhibit excellence in our work on stage and as an organization. We value the highest quality of talent, professionalism and skill.

Inclusiveness – We include a wide range of stories and perspectives on our stage, in our staff, and in our audience. We reflect our community in all its diversity.

Relevant – Our work is current, pertinent, and relevant to what it means to be alive right now.

Passionate – We are driven by a sense of purpose. We are dedicated to the work we do, we take pride in it, and we demonstrate a high level of commitment. ATP ignites a passion for theatre in our audience.

Engaging – Whether it’s in the work on our stage, or in the ways we connect with the public, we seek to be in sync with our community, to build strong relationships, and to be an influential force.

Friendly – The people of ATP are approachable, positive and accessible in our dealings with each other and the world.