Play Development


Enbridge New Canadian Plays

For over a decade, Enbridge has supported the development and production of new Canadian plays at Alberta Theatre Projects.

Alberta Theatre Projects is a national leader in play development and dramaturgy. The creation and production of new Canadian plays is at the core of what we do, and we believe that it is vitally important to our community. By sharing new stories and new perspectives from artists right here at home we feed our curiosity and engage passionately with the times we live in, and with each other.

ATP nurtures playwrights and theatre creators both locally and nationally, bringing together new perspectives and approaches to creation. We are a home for playwrights: premiering work annually in our Enbridge New Canadian Plays program, offering mentorship and camaraderie in our ATP Playwrights Unit, and developing new voices through FRESH PRINTS Student Writers Group and Raucous Caucus for emerging artists.

We encourage all playwrights and theatre creators to reach out to us at ATP. You can do so by sending an email to Laurel Green, Artistic Associate at While we do not accept unsolicited scripts, please feel free to introduce yourself and invite us to a reading or production of your play.


ATP defines new work as previously unproduced plays or creation projects that offer a new story, a new storytelling style and/or a new theatrical experience for our audience.

ATP focuses our dramaturgical resources on projects we are keenly interested in for world premiere production, striving for depth and commitment in our support for the development of new work.

ATP creates dialogue between artists and audiences about new stories and theatrical forms.


ATP premieres new Canadian plays as part of every season, bringing together artists from across Canada to create, challenge and inspire each other.

ATP promotes new work by Canadian artists to our national and international industry peers through showcases, events, and conversations with our colleagues across borders.

ATP pursues creation exchanges that expand our horizons, bringing together Canadian and international artists to create new work.


ATP creates adaptable, flexible, inventive and playful models for developing new work that are shaped by the needs of the project and its creators.

ATP seeds projects early in their development, and makes room for artists to explore.

ATP gathers artists and artists together to engage with the themes and ideas in our world premieres and to explore their relevance to life as we live it now, through our popular new program The Exchange.

ATP’s History of Creating & Producing New Canadian Plays

Since it was founded in 1972, Alberta Theatre Projects has been recognized as a national leader in the creation and production of new Canadian plays.

In its first four years, ATP commissioned and produced 30 new plays, including the work of Paddy Campbell, W.O. Mitchell, Sharon Pollock and John Murrell, whose seminal Canadian play Waiting For the Parade premiered at ATP in 1977.  That commitment to producing new Canadian plays remained in the next decade, even as ATP broadened its mandate to include plays from an international repertoire.

In 1988, to coincide with the Canada Olympic Arts Festival, ATP inaugurated an annual Festival of New Canadian Plays, known as playRites, which for 28 seasons premiered between four and six new Canadian plays a year in a repertory format with a shared design team and a shared company of actors.

Over 115 plays were premiered during the Festival’s history, including Brad Fraser’s Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love , Sally Clark’s Moo, Michael O’Brien’s Mad Boy Chronicle and Eugene Stickland’s Some Assembly Required and A Guide To Mourning. The Festival launched the work of such Canadian playwriting stars as Joan MacLeod, Linda Colleen Murphy, Wendy Lill, Sky Gilbert, Guillermo Verdecchia, Michel Marc Bouchard, Stephen Massicotte, Mieko Ouchi, Carole Fréchette, François Archambault, and many others. Those plays have gone on to over 200 subsequent productions across the globe, and uncountable awards and publications.

Starting in the 14/15 season, ATP evolved. We now undertake to premiere two or three new plays every year as part of our regular season, as part of our program, Enbridge New Canadian Plays. Our current format permits us to tailor our efforts even more specifically to the needs of each play. We give them the attention and resources required to make them sing.

There is no way to calculate the impact the new plays premiered at ATP have had on Canadians, when the lights go down and the actors speak the playwright’s words into the listening hush of the auditorium. ATP has given breath and life to the Canadian theatrical voice, and now that voice resonates around the world for all to hear.

As we have since 1972, we remain passionately committed to new Canadian work. That is at the heart of who we are, of what we do, and why we do it.