The Martha Cohen Theatre

The Martha Cohen Theatre
Arts Commons (North Side)
215 – 8 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta


The Martha Cohen Theatre’s Georgian design takes inspiration from a time when homes were built around an internal courtyard. In that time, traveling theatre groups could perform in the outside space, with audiences hanging out their windows for a view of the action below.

This design has allowed the Martha Cohen Theatre to maintain the intimacy of ATP’s original home, the Canmore Opera House at Heritage Park. Despite the Martha Cohen Theatre’s full house of 403 seats, no audience member is further from the stage than in the Opera House. Seats wrap around the stage in a semi-circle arrangement, providing a variety of audience sightlines.

The Martha Cohen Theatre is an extraordinarily versatile and modern space, equipped with computerized lighting and sound, a y gallery, wing space equal to the performing area, an understage for trap doors, and five elevators on the stage which change the size and shape of the set. With each show, the orchestra section of the audience seating can be moved to provide theatre-in-the-round, promenade theatre, thrust staging or cabaret settings.

Our theatre is named for Dr. Martha Cohen, one of the individuals who spearheaded the development and building of the Calgary Centre for Performing Arts.